Our suite of products and services, built on our carrier grade network, is the result of a fanatical passion for quality, resilience and innovation. We’re determined to bring the best of what’s on offer globally, to our customers.

Your WAN

Your WAN is your company’s artery that supplies the lifeblood to your organisation. An agile and robust WAN speeds up your application performance and delivery, secures your data, helps control costs, and future proofs all your ICT business needs.

At Solarix, our NGN (Next Generation Network) network infrastructure, built from the ground up, is specifically designed to enable high speed, resilient, secure communications, and support a multitude of critical applications across a single network connection. Entrust your WAN to us and know that you receive a provider that strives to understand your businesses complexity, and prides itself on delivering a solid, customised solution, allowing you to focus on your company’s success in a competitive marketplace.

Key Benefits

  • Free on-net traffic – no cost for traffic volume delivered within your WAN (unlike competing ‘Internet VPN’ services);
  • Multiple handover locations New Zealand-wide and within Australia – local connectivity to our high-speed, resilient networks;
  • Multiple high-quality data centre presence within New Zealand and Australia;
  • Self-healing resilient Cisco ASR and Juniper core network – we operate multiple diverse backhaul networks utilising all available characters. Our network infrastructure is designed for automatic rerouting on link failure and has high fault tolerance;
  • Granular service classes – you select traffic priority within your own network. Whether voice traffic is to have priority over email delivery, or perhaps terminal server traffic requires bandwidth reserved and web browsing is of less importance, we operate application and protocol matching code giving you the freedom to choose what traffic takes precedence in a granular manner;
  • Automated monitoring, reporting, and proactive alerts via mysolarix.


Managed WAN

When you choose Solarix Managed WAN Services, you receive a personalised tailor-made solution from industry leading network architects who have considered your unique challenges and goals before designing the right network for your business.

We take your network personally and use best-in-class, tried and tested CPE (customer premise equipment) for your WAN, and fully-manage all aspects of your tailor made WAN from design and deployment to trouble-shooting and fault resolution.

Managed WAN services power your network to securely deliver information with the speed and ease your users need to stay productive:

  • Proactive monitoring and notification services isolate network faults and recommend corrective actions;
  • Physical management services clear physical issues with access and/or transport; and
  • Full management services provide life-cycle monitoring, management, and repair for your entire network.

Post implementation of the WAN we support our customer with 24/7 monitoring of circuits. Outside of business hours fault response SLA’s can be added for some or all circuits in a WAN. This allows a circuit fault to be initiated and resolved in the quickest possible timeframe.

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On-Demand Networking

The philosophy behind Solarix’s ElasticWAN portfolio is to provide you with the capability to deploy, manage and retire services as and when you need to.

SDN is the architectural approach behind Network as a Service (NaaS) that enables businesses to accelerate service deployment and delivery and thus dramatically reduce IT costs through policy-driven workflow automation.

A dynamic network differs from traditional network architecture due to its flexibility to support connectivity, infrastructure virtualisation, cloud enablement, and mobility in an elastic and cost-effective way. Solarix’s ElasticWAN capability delivers you the ability to operate in an increasingly agile manner with on-demand network services providing flexibility in bandwidth capacity and quality, physical and virtual locations and feature-sets and value adds – all customisable in real time.

NaaS provides communications infrastructure that helps today’s businesses move away from a static connectivity model to one that accommodates fluctuating demand and evolving connectivity requirements without being cost prohibitive.

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Managed Security Services

To us, security is about protecting your intellectual property, managing your network defences and ensuring that your network remains intact. At all times.

Over a 24 hour period, businesses share information via a range of communications channels with a range of people including customers, staff, suppliers and partners. The sophistication and scope of how we communicate today leaves the risk of a security breach wide open if robust security steps are not taken.

At Solarix, we take security seriously. Where we excel is in looking at the entire lifecycle of any security breach – before, during, and after it happens. Solarix advanced threat protection delivers unmatched visibility, consistent control, advanced threat protection (entire threat lifecycle & across all vectors), and reduced complexity (deployed and managed by a highly capable team of expert engineers).

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Business Internet

Our business Internet services are customisable to meet your performance requirements and budget.  With extensive capability in New Zealand, Australia and world wide, talk to us about what makes our Internet service great.

With the increasing reliance for businesses on the Cloud and Internet to conduct day to day operations, it’s essential to have an ultra-fast and reliable Internet connection. At Solarix, our B2B and wholesale Internet service is powered by high-speed, superior quality upstream providers to ensure reliability and performance to all of our customers.

Our network access is robust in design, multi-homed with resilient feeds from some of the regions most connected service providers, injected in Auckland, Christchurch, Sydney and Melbourne.

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Cloud Connectivity

In a world where the uptake of cloud based infrastructure services has skyrocketed, connectivity seems to have been left behind. We realise that your network connectivity needs to be as flexible as the resources it connects to in the Cloud.

Solarix provides a range of connectivity options to the most pertinent Cloud infrastructure, compute and hosting providers such as Microsoft Azure, AWS and Softlayer to mention but a few. Connect to one or multiple providers using a single network connection on the ElasticWAN platform for as little as a month.

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Managed Voice Services

Our SIP voice platform is designed with superior functionality, features, and considerable cost efficiency in mind.

A single converged network eliminates the extra costs of running separate voice and data networks. Our solution includes an advanced hosted PBX platform, Internet connections, and VoIP call termination services. Solarix SIP delivers enhanced voice quality enforcing QoS from edge to edge core gateway and support of wide codecs (G711 and G729) to provide additional room for signalling and IP overhead.

With Solarix, businesses can be guaranteed end-to-end quality of service and performance.

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Our infrastructure colocation facilities offer customers a range of solutions to fit their needs, from single rack units (RUs) to dedicated multi-cabinet environments.

Our colocation is backed by our high availability carrier grade core network and designed with enterprise availability in mind. We know your applications and infrastructure demand consistent, high throughput capability and we deliver just that.

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Our mobility portfolio has been created with the knowledge that mobile doesn’t always mean on the move. We realise that mobility for some customers also means remote. Our service include both.

We offer a mobile workforce handset service, similar to what you’d buy if you approached a mobile retailer directly, except, you’ll get great service included.

Our express WAN offering allows customers to provision temporary sites where working in a fixed location is not viable, or fibre broadband services are not yet available.

We also offer cost effective machine-to-machine and LAN failover services to round off the portfolio.

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