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Providing Armourguard a secure WAN so they can focus on protecting you.

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Armourguard have been providing security services for more than 70 years. Tailored to client requirements, the company offers anything from cash services, mobile patrols and guards, to a number of diverse specialist security services. Solarix has exclusively provided WAN solutions to Armourguard since mid-2014 covering their Australian and New Zealand requirements.


In late 2013 Armourguard was bought by The Evergreen Group. At this time, their WAN services were not centralised – Tyco’s WAN’s all connected to existing infrastructure at the main Auckland site. They needed a completely new network to guarantee a smooth transition away from all existing services and ensure business continuity.

OneNet, specialists in cloud computing and preferred reseller for Solarix WAN services, made the call.

“They were looking for an infrastructure provider that could bring everything together, so obviously we needed to find some strong partnerships to achieve that transition”, says Scott Campbell, Relationship Manager, OneNet.


Armourguard run their VoIP solution over the WAN, and had specific pre-requisites regarding timing. The WAN needed to be up and running as quickly as possible.

“What we had to effectively do was roll out a WAN and then make it available on the network whereby they were able to utilise VoIP first and foremost”.

Solarix’s solution comprised a combination of Fibre, UFB and EFM technology, dependent on location. Initially there were two networks running side by side so migration happened piece by piece to transition over to the new WAN – 6 or 7 months of migration from start to finish.

“The WAN was up and running within a 2 – 3 month window, which is impressive for a 15 site project”, says Scott.

Sydney proved the most challenging as the business management software had to have a consistent point between Sydney and every other point on the network. However, this was achieved in a timely fashion. Circuits were delivered on expected dates and there was a healthy flow of communication between parties.


“I think the main thing is that the customer has better connections at a cheaper price, which in any industry are two pretty major factors. Not only do they have an IT (Cloud) company managing and monitoring for them in a hands on way, they also have Solarix in the background managing the network and looking after it. From their perspective they still have their one point of contact, which is us, and they know that we’ll go to Solarix when we need to ensure things work correctly”, concludes Scott.

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“The WAN was up and running within a 2 – 3 month window, which is impressive for a 15 site project”

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